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29 Mar 2011 05:11 am

Average Rating: 4.69
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

scribe_drizz, 14 Apr 2011 09:53 am

She could put someone's eye out!

peteranckorn, 14 Apr 2011 02:31 pm

That's true-she does have quite pointy figers. .
Her outfit is a bit skimpy-but in the name of fairness I did make the other two characters (male and ?) wear as little or even less-no sexism here-just grotesque monster sexploitation throughout! Yay:)

scribe_drizz, 15 Apr 2011 11:31 am

Hee! Well, I'm liking it. No hate on your fanservice. ;)

Alexis_Royce, 04 May 2011 05:55 am

Ha! This is about as genre-savvy as you can get.

RowanWatersprite, 23 Jan 2012 01:06 am

*snerk* It's just fun to say
Water clock ;)

piqueRAJ, 04 Feb 2012 05:22 pm

I wanna be cleric

MickeeC (Guest), 13 Jun 2012 10:39 am

Is this based on the web-comic Goblins in any way?

peteranckorn, 13 Jun 2012 12:14 pm

Nope. I only knew about that web comic from doing a random search while I was posting another comic 'Goblin Hero' a few years back-and at the time I wasn't paying much attention to making a non-print comic. This one started out as a 'gag a week' comic for a D&D 3.5 site-hence the focus on the rules early on. Since leaving that site and developing the characters a bit more it's moved on from there. Although the starting point is similar (monsters decide to become adventurers) I don't think the two comics are very much alike -although if I'd known more about 'Goblins' and I'd known that I'd end up turning BTB into an ongoing story (rather than a feature on a forum that might get me some character art commissions) I might have made it a bit differently ;)
If you enjoy Goblins (or BTB for that matter) you might also want to check out 'Wormy' and 'Rusty & Co' - -two more great monster web comics.

If you like BTB and want to read some of the main influences on it, check out 'Gold Digger' by Fred Perry , Dragon Ball, Dr Slump and Dragon Half.

Broken Edge (Guest), 11 Mar 2013 11:35 pm

I like the coloring. The glossy effect attracts the yes instantly. And I'm only starting to read it. Superb!

peteranckorn, 12 Mar 2013 07:25 am

Thanks :)

Fiery Diamond (Guest), 20 Oct 2013 03:38 pm

Now to begin reading I think I'm going to like this comic... :D

It's making me laugh already.

peteranckorn, 20 Oct 2013 03:49 pm

I'm glad I could make you laugh :)

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